Impact Law Group is a firm of experienced attorneys that provides tailored services to each of our clients, whether they are an individual, a small start-up business or a long-established corporation. We assist our clients in creating and running their business, provide labor and employment advice, and represent our clients in litigation and disputes at all stages, including appeals and insolvency-related matters.

The attorneys of Impact Law Group come from large regional firms, AmLaw100 firms, government and in-house counsel positions at publicly-traded companies. We understand not just the legal landscape, but the economic and political issues that are critical to helping our clients achieve the best outcome in their business endeavors and disputes. As business owners, artists, and corporate executives, our clients take risks every day. Our role is to help facilitate the best outcome for our clients, not merely to present them with an understanding of the benefits and risks involved in a given course of action. We know the importance of aggressive advocacy, mitigating risk, and getting deals done.

Our Clients

We provide legal advice to emerging ventures, established businesses, and individuals. Our clients represent different industries and different ideas. Our goal is to help them to have the greatest impact in their own endeavors.

Billing Arrangements & Fees

Although we typically bill by the hour, at Impact Law Group, we embrace alternative fee arrangements. We work closely with our clients to establish and manage a budget, even—and especially—in complex litigation matters where costs have the greatest potential to quickly escalate. We can also work on a flat-fee basis, and can offer blended rates, bundled services, and volume discounts.

Because we have created an alternative to the traditional, and often inefficient, large firm structure, our fees for professional services may be thousands of dollars less than other firms for comparable services. Our goal is to offer our clients excellent value for services rendered and financial predictability when it comes to legal costs.

“Really, it comes down to getting great service and expertise at a great price. At another firm, it would cost 3 to 4 times the price, which would put me out of business.”

— Emerging Company Client